#155 Lockdown Leadership: A candid conversion with Mr. Naveen Munjal, Managing Director at Hero electric vehicles Pvt. Ltd.

Jun 02, 06:32 AM
Naveen Munjal is the Managing Director of Hero Electric Vehicles Pvt. Ltd., a part of The Hero Eco Group. As an entrepreneur, Naveen’s leadership and vision are widely recognized in shaping the Indian Electric two-wheeler industry as well as his contributions to various forums in the electric vehicle sphere both in India and globally. He has built the Hero Electric brand into a leading manufacturer and a market leader in the electric vehicles 2-wheeler market in India. At an International level, Hero electric launched A2B, a premium brand of electric bicycles, which is widely considered one of the pioneers in the EV industry globally. In 2008, he was instrumental in founding the SMEV (Society of Manufacturers of Electric Vehicles), the only representative body of the Indian electric vehicle industry in India.