Exposing a War Crime with Justin Watt

Jun 02, 2020, 09:21 AM

The host talks with Justin Watt, an American soldier stationed in Iraq at the time of the Janabi family slaying, as covered in episode 78 of Casefile. Months after the murders, a sergeant confided that one of their fellow soldiers was responsible for the brutal crime. Justin put his friendships, career, and even his life at risk by conducting his own covert investigation into the matter. He discovered several other soldiers were involved to varying degrees, and made the difficult decision to expose them.

Justin Watt - special guest
Anonymous Host - research, narration
Erin Munro - writing
Milly Raso - writing
Elsha McGill - writing
Mike Migas - production, scoring
Paulina Szymanska - design

For all credits and sources please visit fromthefiles.com/exposing-a-war-crime-with-justin-watt