Part 2- Love Is Love: This Power Couple Shares Their Story | Josie & Thor

Jun 02, 2020, 01:26 PM
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1. Their “coming out” story.

2. How did you feel after you experimented? Was there a light bulb that went off like AH-HA thats it, I am gay!! Or did you need more time because you were a little shy at first and were nervous about what you were feeling?

3. How did you open up to your family & friends about it? Did you have support from them or experience abandonment from some friends and family?

4. People ask and wonder-- “how do you know?" "I think I am straight but I find the opposite sex attractive, what If I am gay?"

5. How did you overcome the fear of JUDGEMENT/shame by others and/or yourself?

6. How can you give advice to others that are letting fear override their feelings? How can they take off the armor and set themselves free to feel what they are feeling.

7. How has your life changed from coming out?

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