Dan Glaser Part II: Capital and capacity adequacy levels ahead of the hurricane season

Jun 02, 2020, 08:16 PM
In Part I, MMC President and CEO Dan Glaser praised FCA's initiative to fast track the Covid-19 BI disputes and shared his views on the emerging litigation and why private pandemic solutions have failed.

In the second part, our guest explains what he expects the impact of industry underwriting loss to be on capacity, appetite and pricing.

We discuss the concerns related to various legislative initiatives in the US and what the best solution for tackling pandemic risk in the future is in the States.

Finally, we look at the UK where a number of the largest commercial insurers has called on the government to take funds from the terrorism reinsurance reserves of Pool Re.

Listen to the second episode of our exclusive interview with Dan Glaser as we cover these topical matters in an insightful discussion.

The third part will be published on Friday 5th June.