Russia’s superior energy position. Germany and China are existentially dependent thereon. Gregory Copley, Defense and Foreign Affairs

Jun 03, 04:16 AM
Image:  Major existing and planned natural oil and gas pipelines supplying Russian oil and gas to Europe. Public domain.  

Gregory Copley, Defense and Foreign Affairs, in re:  The energy re-think in the balance of the Twenty-first Century. Russia in a superior position.  Hard to see how, and it’s unlikely that, Russia will be displaced in oil, gas, nuclear, and hydroelectric. Sophisticated energy structure.  Its gas will save PRC.  Russia is now the most advanced in the world in selling nuclear.  Russia is a very stable player because its industries are controlled by the Kremlin. The last thirty years: free trade meant that the world gave its mfrg to China; we all became dependent on it. Now, China is becoming existentially dependent on Russia, incl for LNG.  China is equally dependent on China for food from the USA and elsewhere.  Russia has been a critical supplier of defense and space for China.  

     The one thing Riyadh asked of Moscow as to keep Teheran off its back, which Russia has not done. Russia’s ma ally is Iran; is the geopolitical linchpin in the Middle East and Central Asia.  Saudi is a dwindling power.   Germany abandoned nukes out of morality; is wholly dependent on Russia for power.  The Russia-US competition visible in Belgrade, where intell services abound.  Russia succeeding in Germany and Serbia which the US has treated badly.  Squared off in Montenegro.