S1 E11: The 2020 season takes shape, will reverse grids feature?

Jun 03, 12:03 PM
Formula 1 is coming back! The latest episode of Torquing Point looks at the opening eight races and discusses the prospect of reverse grids.

With the wait finally over, Finley and Michelle rejoice in the much needed good news. They then go through the schedule, discuss the doubleheaders and ponder how the revised structure may affect the title fight. 

The pair then consider what may follow the eight confirmed races, if anything. Is the season destined to stay within Europe? Even worse, will it only consist of what's currently on the calendar? Don't worry, things stay optimistic... 

Reverse grids have been a huge talking point in the sport in recent weeks, and Finley reads out some thoughts from the listeners on whether they should be included or not. He and Michelle also give their own opinions on the idea and explain why Mercedes are so opposed to it.

Episode 11 of the podcast is then wrapped up with some predictions regarding whether we'll actually see the idea introduced or whether it'll be business as usual in terms of race weekend structure.