Jun 06, 2020, 06:13 PM

“Black lives certainly matter, the innocent victims of terrorism must matter and the future of babies yet unborn definitely matter. There is a common thread which runs through all of these situations that are unfolding in the world and in our society today - the desire of the human heart to know and experience justice. But yet we are also reminded that there is a sense of injustice in the world. There is deep division in the world, and this division is reflected in societies and cultures right across this globe. As we look out at our broken and fragmented world with its injustices and divisions I am reminded that men and women - whether their skin colour is black or white, whether in Northern Ireland parlance - they are orange or green - the need is the same - there must be reconciliation with God, and it is this lack of reconciliation with our Creator which is the cause of murder, of social unrest, of sectarian division, of hatred, selfishness and thousand other problems.”

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