E16 Human Design: The Tool of the Future and Conscious Human Potential

Jun 08, 2020, 12:07 AM
Diana Pushi is a Humanist Strategist and Entrepreneur, Excellence Award recipient, and the Founder of the Reborn Idea: her passion is to bridge science and spirituality which is why Human Design is the ultimate tool she uses in all domains of her life: she describes Human Design as “a tool of the future” that provides a unique human and energetic map for each and everyone of us to gain higher consciousness.

Diana shares how despite being certified in a variety of modalities and highly educated in the fields of finance and business, she still knew there was a lack in her life : Human Design brought the clarity, guidance and transformation that she was seeking in her life and relationships. She also stands for the possibility of everyone receiving their Human Design to gain consciousness and access to their full potential. TUNE in to learn more!

What stood out to us most, was how each profile described, Generator, generating Manifestor, Manifestor, Projector and Reflector, play a key role in fostering a thriving community. Find your Human Design at Rebornidea.com or connect with Diana on Instagram @diana.pushi to learn about her transformative programs.