Empowering Our Uncomfortable Conversations with Jazmin Diaz

Jun 08, 2020, 01:42 AM
Today on the show we have a spicy and ferociously loving sister Jazmin Diaz.  Jazmin is an evolutional leader and founder of Queens For Queens - a woman’s organization dedicated to instilling the power of female unity.  Her voice echos that of integrity, stretches through the hearts of many cultures and celebrates the presence of all types of womanhood.  Anchored in Hawaii, her curiosity and humble learnings of the land reveal her dedicated heart and forwardly face the complexities of our current world. 

Today we talk about the privilege of having cross-racial conversation, the roots and guidance of our ancestors and the ways in which we can continue to progress together, in a good way. Check it out!

Jazmin's Instagram: @jazzzmindiazzz
Queens For Queens Instagram: @queensforqueens
Queens For Queens Website: queensforqueens.com