06/10/2020 The Second Level Hour 2

Jun 10, 2020, 05:07 PM
Eytan starts the second hour recalling where #MLB teams stood midway into last season, discouraging the idea of an MLB season cut in half. Is creativity too much to ask for from the MLB? 
#FakeNews w Ronn- Italian women makes 90 stuffed olives during an open brain surgery? Will buying perfume for your wife increase her chances of being attacked by a raccoon on a run? Did the first women to walk in space has now reached the deepest point in the ocean?
Eytan emphasizes how social distancing must be enforced during casino's reopening, and how vital purified air systems will be. How tempted will you be to get back to the tables? He talks about which futures bets could be nullified due to COVID-19 (#Heisman), and ends the hour giving his fairwell to the 33 year old show, #Cops.