Nakul Shenoy, Mindreader And Mystery Entertainer on Applying Lessons From Magic in Business

Jun 11, 04:35 AM
Nakul Shenoy, Mindreader and mystery entertainer chats with Amit Somani, Managing Partner Prime Venture Partners.

In this conversation they discuss science and magic, how magic can be used in persuasion and in business, customer discovery process and connecting with people.

With his imagination kindled at age five by  ‘Mandrake The Magician’ comic books, Nakul Shenoy first took stage as a 15-year-old entertaining large gatherings with his magical shows. Two and a half decades later, this expert magician and hypnotist enthrals audiences like few others can, and progresses along in his self-professed dream to be “a real-life Mandrake”.

Time Stamps:

1:41 - Science and magic are deeply connected.
3:00 - Laws of science behind magic tricks
4:31 - Suggestion and persuasion methods instead of hypnosis.
7:11 - Traits of magician to be applied in business
10:07 - Why read body language books
15:26 - Three mantras of connecting with people
19:33 - Using service magic to create Wow! moments
22:52 - Customer discovery process
28:57 - 360 or 180-degree vision

Book recommendations

Neuroscience of Magic
The Definitive Book of Body Language
Service Magic: The Art of Amazing Your Customers
How To Develop A Super-Power Memory

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