StratCast XIII

Jun 11, 2020, 03:29 PM
Welcome to the thirteenth episode of StratCast with Peter O’Kane, Seumas Kerr CBE, Tom Cargill and Sophia Gaston, where they continue their tour around the World to gauge the impact of the last few months. This week it’s the Rubik’s Cube of the Middle-East and in Jane Corbin, one of the leading broadcast media experts on the region, they have an outstanding guide. They are reminded of major challenges to regional stability and global security that have not gone away. They also dwell on some key highlights and news stories of the last week before Tom and Seumas discuss the huge opportunities and challenges for the UK and international markets in mobilising that classic, post-recession pump-primer, major spend on infrastructure. Sophia then reflects on the movements in the UK against racial injustice, and how the Global Britain project could serve as the basis of a cathartic national reckoning about our history.

Produced and edited by Nick Hilton for Podot.