When Does Space Become Space?

Jun 12, 2020, 12:00 AM

The boys visit space and pretend to be birds of prey. It's a long old way down to swoop upon the conversational gambits on offer this week...

Welcome to... The Kes Pit? Other birds of prey are optional, but the boys are happy to swoop down upon the scraps of conversation on offer. Phil has a local quiz for local people, Chris goes into orbit, and Jon rubs shoulders with royalty.

0:00 Intro?
0:33 Intro
1:30 Hugh's Views
4:23 Phil has feedback and a quiz
9:15 Chuncling
12:13 Loopholes in the Laws
17:09 Christory (Chess in Space)
25:23 Beating Grandmasters
31:30 Grandmasterly birthdays
34:28 Jon has a silly question
41:17 Phil has a quiz answer

Also mentioned:

The Duke of Cambridge
The Duchess of Cambridge
Mr Dodgy
Jan Gustafsson
Fabien Libiszewski
Simon Williams
Bogdan Lalic
Vitaly Sevastyanov
Anatoly Karpov
Sergey Karjakin
Emory Tate
Jonathan Hawkins
Richard Palliser
Jeffery Xiong
Sachin Tendulkar