POTUS is unruffled and robust. @ConradMBlack

Jun 12, 02:19 AM
Image:  Maya, Kuvaszok Hungarian dog
Conrad Black, NRO; author and publisher, in re: President Trump’s rough-and-tumble week.  Natl political media except for Fox & one other are relentless anti-Trump; unrelieved.  Unless he were a stupid and evil person, he’d occasionally react. Even Peggy Noonan casts false accusations.  Accused him of never having visited Steve Scalise after the shooting; in fact, Trumps were the first people there after the family. Media just make it up. The presumptive nominee (here, Biden) is so incoherent that he hasn’t been doing the job a party leader is expected to do. Larry Kudlow says the president is unruffled by the attacks and the derogation.  A person inexplicably irritated with what we’d consider minor provocations; but once they reach a ferocity that would upset most of us, he feels that it’s nothing at all to be concerned about.  Conrad and Barbara Black’s marvellous dog Maya. https://www.nationalreview.com/2020/06/trump-hangs-tough/