PTSMN Episode 4 - Retirement and Investment Advisor John Ehlers on Navigating COVID

Episode 4,  Jun 14, 2020, 09:59 PM

This episode features PTSMN Retirement and Investment Advisor John Ehlers. John has been working with the PTSMN members and trustees for the last 18 years. In this episode John shares a wealth of information on how he recommends PTSMN members navigate the financially turbulent times that we are in. John also shares a lot of really valuable information about the services that he and his team at Channel Financial offer to the PTSMN membership at no charge. To reach John Ehlers, please contact him via phone at 763 231 7551 and To make an appointment at the PTSMN Family Health & Wellness Centers with any provider, including The Power House MN coaching staff and physical therapists, please call 651 348 8851.

1:44 John's two-fold role in the retirement and investment of PTSMN members
3:09 Managing existing investments during the current economic turbulence
4:12 The danger of emotional investing 
5:03 Historical downturn in the market
5:24 The current market versus the Spanish Flu of 1918 and the Great Depression of the 1930s
14:36 Discretionary spending and the economy
20:38 John's outlook on PTSMN members' workload during these turbulent economic times
21:30 The essential nature of the PTSMN members' work
22:36 John's summary of the PTSMN retirement funds during COVID economics
24:10 Dollar Cost Averaging and Retirement Funds 
27:36 Recession Recovery Times and Best Practices for Investing in a Down Market 
31:48 Best practices for Investment Allocation and the technology used by Milliman 
34:00 Customizing Retirement Plan Allocation by Risk Tolerance 
34:34 Real Estate Market During COVID 
36:00 Bond Markets During COVID 
38:54 Cash as a losing asset class 
39:44 Commodities and the fallacy of a safety net 
40:55 Fear and greed as the main driver of emotional investing 
42:27 Investing within retirement plans 
52:38 March 23rd, 2020 & the single biggest retail selloff in the history of the stock market 
53:14 March 24th, 2020 the biggest up day in 97 years, and the long term effects of missing up days in the market