Beesotted Reloaded featuring Allan Cockram. Brentford's FA Cup 88/89 Cup Run P2 - Man City & Blackburn (R4 and 5)

Episode 654,  Jun 15, 2020, 05:10 PM

Man City and Blackburn

Welcome to Beesotted Reloaded - a series of podcasts, YouTube videos and articles where we take a look back on the most exciting, unusual and memorable periods in Brentford Football Club history.

In this three-episode series of Beesotted Reloaded, Brentford legend Allan Cockram joins us to look back to the year 1988 when Third Division club Brentford FC were set to embark on their most exciting cup run in over half a century.

It was the season that Brentford reached the final eight of the prestigious FA Cup and was only ninety minutes away from a historic semi-final at Hillsborough.

The series listens to the players. The managers. And the fans' memories from that exciting period. This episode covers the matches against Manchester City and Blackburn in the 4th and 5th round of the cup.

Plus we hear from fans Clarkey, Jo Whelan, Paul Jamison, Gary Smith, Steve Lewis,  Gary Scammell, Greville Waterman, Monty,  Blondie, Steve Horowitz and Colin the South Coast Bee in this episode. 

Beesotted have produced a series of articles, YouTube videos and podcasts on the 88/89 FA Cup run which you can check on, PrideOfWest.London and Beesotted1992 YouTube.

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