Mental Health in Motorsport

Jun 15, 06:21 PM
In episode 20, the team get together to discuss a subject that's close to our hearts, and one that's had an impact on us all during our careers - mental health.

We talk through some of our own personal experiences while working in motorsport, including how we've handled stress in hyper-competitive and pressured environments, the impact of internet trolls, and the challenges presented by modern-day social media.

Artwork: © Yaruniv-Studio
Intro Music: © BananaStudio2013
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Featuring: Hazel Southwell, Katy Fairman, Peter Leung, Rob Watts
Produced and edited by Rob Watts


If you've been affected by any of the subjects discussed in this episode, here are some ways you can seek out support.

Mind, the mental health charity.

Samaritans, round-the-clock support.