Monday Musings (Paranormal Talk) 6/15/2020

Jun 16, 05:22 PM

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 Good Monday to ya's,How is Everyone :) 
On the First half of the show we will be Talking about The Bye Bye Man of wisconson

Then Feather Death Crowns,and I tell you what,this really creeps me out...and I like creapy lol

We are going to be talking Summerwind Mansion,its believed to be one of the most haunted places in Wisconsin. What happened there to give it such a fearful reputation?

Followed up with some Ghosts in Mammoth Cave,That damn Kentucky cave system

also scary stories from Reddit

As always If you are listening on the podcast portion of this I invite you to come on over to the live shows and jump on into the conversation!!
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On the second Half of the show,Its your turn 
Call in or click the link in chat and come up on panel and tell us your spooky encounters with the paranormal!!

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