Coronomics: how businesses are navigating their way out of the pandemic

Jun 16, 2020, 05:37 PM
With post-Covid life a bit closer for some countries around the world than others, this week's panel takes a look at how businesses are navigating their way out of the pandemic. Jennifer Creery, Managing Editor of the Hong Kong Free Press, takes a look at the government bailout to Cathay Pacific, Hong Kong's airline; Peter Griffin, a science and tech journalist based in New Zealand, talks about balancing contact tracing with the demands of reopening businesses; while Cindy Yu, the Spectator's Broadcast Editor, kicks off the episode by taking a look at China's candidates in the vaccine race.

Coronomics is a series of podcasts taking a look at how coronavirus has turned the world upside down, with an international panel each week. Presented by Kate Andrews. Click here for previous episodes.

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