In Defense Of: Cameron Todd Willingham (part 2)

Episode 8,  Jun 17, 2020, 02:52 PM

In 1991, a house fire claimed the lives of 2-year-old Amber Kuykendall, 1-year-old Kameron Willingham, and 1-year-old Karmon Willingham. Their father, Cameron Todd Willingham escaped. Fire investigators concluded that the fire had been deliberately set and Todd was arrested and charged with capital murder. He was executed for this crime in February 2004. Today, scientists agree that the arson evidence used to convict Todd was junk science. Did Texas execute an innocent man? In part two, Jen deconstructs the trial and discusses the 1991 fire investigation.

Further Reading:
The Skeptical Juror and the Trial of Cameron Todd Willingham by J. Bennett Allen
Inferno: An Inquiry Into the Willingham Fire by J. Bennett Allen
Trial by Fire by David Grann (The New Yorker, August 31, 2009),
Man Executed on Disproved Forensics by Steve Mills and Maurice Possley (Chicago Tribune, December 9, 2004)

Special thank you to:
Andrew McKay of Into the Portal,
Adam Ballinger of Graveyard Tales,