Sommer Heat, Unused Formations & Defensive Improvements #W39

Jun 17, 2020, 08:54 PM

In this episode FUT legend AirJapes, viral videographer Valerio (ItalianStallion) and pro player Skoldie join Ben to discuss:
  • The Ultimate cock up
  • A brand new promo: Summer Heat 
  • Why big stat upgrades aren't always good
  • TOTSSF thoughts as it ends
  • Valerio's Elite 1 442 tips
  • Playing Weekend League with the strangest formations
  • FIFA's gameplay issues in the age of FUT Champs
  • Why defending really isn't up to scratch and how it should change

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  • Valerio's viral video about AI attacking movement
  • AI changes through the years
  • What the future should hold for AI 
  • Is it a misconception that gameplay has got more negative
  • Why Pro feedback might actually be a problem
  • Loads more!