An Introduction to The University Diaries

Jun 13, 2020, 06:22 PM

Welcome to the University Diaries, an eclectic show about the trials and tribulations of a former university student.

Welcome to The University Diaries Podcast, hosted by Luke Smithurst.

In this introductory episode, Luke will be talking about:
-what inspired the diaries
-what will be appearing in future episodes
-what the listeners can expect to gain from the podcast

"Whether you are a former student that has also been reflecting on their time at university...or you are somebody that is still trying to weigh up whether or not you want to go to university, I think there is going to be something in this podcast for everyone."

Come and join Luke as he turns back the pages of his University Diary.


Thumbnail photo credit - Luke Smithurst 

Backing Music - Tell me a Story by Samuel Orson