PC Episode 34 Only You Can Prevent Dumpster Fires

Jun 22, 03:19 PM
We begin this week's episode with a joke that never gets explained, so for those of you who are wondering, here's the explanation:  We begin every recording by counting down from 5 so we can sync the audio files easily... this week we had trouble doing that simple task and it set Joe off in the beginning.  There.  Now that that is out of the way, let's get political!  Surly Joe is back and he gets on a few soap boxes as we discuss topics such as multitasking without killing your child, how David Tenant and Joe Biden are similar, California naming rules, Elon Musk and Detective Grimes, how Flo Rida is the people's champion and Pitt Bull should change his name, when to hire a leg insurance adjuster, Trump Tweets, and if HBO should start a gender war.  Along the way, Ashley hangs up on a confused old woman, Gary ruins a bit, Joe teaches us something, and Lisa falls asleep.  The whole thing sort of becomes a dumpster fire.  Are you down with GOP? Yeah, you know me!  Keep cool, my babies, and remember to stay Politically Corrected!
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