Amazon’s Ronaldo Mouchawar on charting growth in a crisis

Jun 24, 01:55 AM
Can there be winners in a global pandemic? For people, certainly not. But businesses can tell a different story - and Amazon is certainly one. With more customers at home and shopping online, Amazon’s e-commerce sales are booming. Remote work has also boosted demand for its cloud computing services - which accounted for three-quarters of its operating profit in the first quarter, with AWS holding about a third of global market share, trouncing its nearest competitor, Microsoft.

Host Kelsey Warner is joined this week by Ronaldo Mouchawar, VP of Amazon Mena, to talk about navigating the Covid-19 pandemic amid record demand.

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Will Coronavirus make Jeff Bezos a trillionaire? (0m 07s)
Ronaldo Mouchawar on demand during Covid-19 (1m 12s)
Headlines (17m 52s)

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