Butterfly and June Bug Nebulae: gorgeous giant cloud formations. Robert Zimmerman.

Jun 25, 03:10 AM
Image:  'Mystic Mountain' within the tempestuous Carina Nebula. NASA

Robert Zimmerman, BehindheBlack.com, in re: Butterfly Nebula and June Bug Nebula:  giant cloud formations around stars; late in the life of a star.  Not known what forms planetary nebulae, but Hubble takes images of them and they’re ravishingly beautiful.  Perseverance, our next rover, will launch on 20 July at 9:15 AM.  Will depoloy Ingenuity, its helicopter, which will have thirty days to do its chore. If this works, future rovers will carry their own. Can a helo lift an object of the ground?

       Asteroid hit Yucatan. Asteroid Bennu: 1 in 2700 chance that 170years from now, it might hit the Earth.