SCOTUS rejects Trump’s rejection of the unconstitutional DACA. John Yoo: @BerkeleyLaw.

Jun 25, 03:36 AM
Image:  A stamp applied to the Mexican passport of a DACA recipient entering the United States with Advance Parole at John F. Kennedy International Airport in January 2017, with handwritten annotations indicating the passport holder was paroled into the United States by a Customs and Border Protection officer.  Public domain.

John Yoo, Berkeley Law, NRO, AEI, Hoover; in re: Supreme Court 5-4 decision to turn away President Trump’s DACA intentions.  Pres Obama decreed it by Executive Order, used prosecutorial discretion.  Administrative Procedure Act takes a year at fastest. Court thereby requires a president to do an unconstitutional deed until it’s all been resolved, which is wrong.  Violation of separation of powers, as a president is thereby forced to continue a program initiated by a previous president.  Look for a boom and bust cycle on DACA; only Congress can create a stable program.