Jun 26, 10:55 AM
NO ENCORE returns with an absolutely packed episode for your weekend. Or week day. It's up to you when you tune in, really. 

This week, we look at the recently published Gender Disparity Data Report, which asks serious questions of Irish radio and women's airplay status thereof. David Tapley of Tandem Felix fame joins us on the co-host beat, the new Bob Dylan album is up for discussion (crazy artwork also under the spotlight) and our extended Top 5 section is all about LONG SONGS.

ACT ONE: Preamble. 

ACT TWO [10:10]: Áine Tyrrell is one of the key figures involved in bringing the Gender Disparity Data Report to light. She tells Dave about how it came about, what needs to be done to achieve balance, and how we can all play our part. 

ACT THREE [30:19]: Also in the news this week; Jessie Ware's podcast influence, K-Pop fans sabotage Trump, Kurt Cobain's guitar fetches a handsome price, and some general quarantine hygiene talk. 

ACT FOUR [46:09] Young upstart Bob Dylan is back with Rough and Rowdy Ways, his 39th studio effort. Reviews have been rave enough so far, but are the boys convinced? 

ACT FIVE [1:12:50] In which the beloved Top 5 section tackles Best Long Songs (10 minutes or more) in fittingly epic fashion.

Hungry for more Bob Dylan? Tapley has made a fine playlist right here.

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