Episode 270 - Lydia Lunch (Teenage Jesus & The Jerks, Retrovirus, 8 Eyed Spy)

Jun 28, 2020, 03:40 AM
This is what we live for! On this episode, Damian is joined by THE LEGEND LYDIA LUNCH to talk punk! Although Lydia doesn't identify or even really like punk, she certainly influenced a lot of it. Listen in to this NOT TO BE MISSED episode as Lydia talks about the difference between No Wave & Punk, working with Rowland S. Howard, collaborating with (the) Weirdos, Cinema Of Transgression & everything in between!  
Did we mention it is not to be missed?

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Also Touched On:

No Wave, not punk

clubs with “pillowrooms”

the island of found souls

Meeting Stiv Bators in ’73

Sonic Reducer

Running away for the New York Dolls

Rock Magazines

the House of Guitars proto-punk

Loving drugs and not going to sleep

Goth when everybody was Glam

dreaming of Rollerderby

The rise of rap, punk and Trump

being over Iggy and Bowie

The Ramones being silly

going to Richard Hell and the Voidoids’ first show

Mink DeVille

Union Carbine

Suicide did not fit in

Joe Coleman and the Steel Tips

Mars was the first No Wave band

having to go to Europe

Playing with Generation X


Cinema Of Transgression and  No Wave: one movement