E17 Becoming a Conscious Entrepreneur: Bridging Spirituality and Technology! With Sara Sanguino

Jun 28, 2020, 08:08 PM
Sara Sanguino is a Conscious Entrepreneur and Web Designer whom Co-Founded Saraz Design Studio. In this Episode of The True Act Podcast, she shares how she began her entrepreneurial journey by taking action without completely knowing her vision or what she was doing.  She moves and inspires Gavan to reflect upon what's holding him back from aligning his passion with action. What a transformational episode for us! Tune in to this episode to discover with us!

What stood out the most? Sara’s ability to combine her technical skills with her soul passion. How she has fearlessly meshed her spiritual journey and professional career to live her life passionately. 

Don’t forget to check out Sara’s web designing business on Instagram @studiosaraz as well as her wellness platform @wemovetorise ! You can also connect with this conscious entrepreneur via email: sara@sarazstudio.com