The last days of Hong Kong freedoms. Michael_Yon and @GordonGChang

Jun 30, 02:15 AM
Image:  The PLA Honor Guard in Beijing, 2007

Michael Yon, East Asia reporter based in Thailand, and Gordon Chang, Daily Beast, in re: Hong Kong's National Security Law.  Beijing will take action against Hong Kongers who are guilty of “egregious conduct.”  The Draft National Security Law for Hong Kong—written up by Reuters in Beijing.  The National Peoples Congress in China bypasses the HK Legislative Council, since it’s extremely unpopular there; so Beijing is ramming it down people’s throats.  The patriots in HK are very concerned. Deleting twitter and other accounts to sterilize it as much as possible.  Going underground.   The law probably will be enacted tomorrow; Beijing can immediately grab patriots and haul them into [realistically: prison and torture, never to be heard of again] on Mainland.  This tears families in half. Many tragic stories already.  This is an escalation of bad relations between Beijing and  Washington.  Hong Kong’s longer-term future will not be as a global financial center, as it will not be under the rule of law. Expect New York and London to receive the [overflow]. Millions of videos have been made over the several years, so no way to hide.   Thailand cooperates with China and people have been kidnapped from here.