India and China escalate along the Himalayan frontier. @CleoPaskal @GordonGChang

Jun 30, 02:18 AM
Image:  Greater Himalayas as seen from the ISS.

Cleo Paskal, non-resident senior Fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, in re:  The latest in India.  A wide front on Himalayan frontier: a major Chinese deployment across the Line of Actual Control.  China has declared about four different lines; from 1962, China has advanced much past that line.  Definitely China creating the situation; escalation can stop if China withdraws back to originally-agreed line.  Incursions in prior years; this time is different, much grimmer.  Probably more than China can deal with, since it’s also taking on six countries in the South China Sea plus the US Navy.   India is a democracy where they care about the twenty-nine whom China killed on the border.  Universally discussed among all Indians. China does not know how to handle a defeat.  The transgressions are so clear; this is a volatile, complex situation.  Talk of how to build up the Quad. Japan needs to bolster its capabilities, interoperability.  India wants C130s, weapons to [intimidate] China at the border, but because of the Wuhan flu, India is broke. US needs to do lend-lease to India. Concerned about corruption in Delhi, might buy wrong weapons systems, e.g., from Russia, which is close to China.   China’s taking on everybody makes no sense, so it must be to distract Chinese people from domestic matters.