President for Life Putin. @PaulR_Gregory

Jun 30, 03:14 AM
Image:  Putin receives Barack Obama at his residence in Novo-Ogaryovo

Paul Gregory, Hoover, in re: Putin looks to extend his presidency indefinitely. Coronavirus threw his scheduled referendum off, till 1 July.  Calls for Putin’s slate t e wiped clean so e can stay till 2036, when he’ll be 83 (or older).  Below the surface: evidence of Putin’s only known opponent, Novalny, on a Sunday show.  Voter turnout—two worries: need a good turnout (not 48%, e.g.) and for the yes vote.  In outer regions, you have a week to vote (or you get a visit . . . ).  Last polls, from early June, show that it may be all right for Putin. The big question is, how much voter fraud will have to be used?  Russian people are alert to electoral fraud. Putin fatigue. Trust measure: down to about 32%, was at 70% or so. Too dangerous to be an ex-president.