Augie March’s Glenn Richards reveals his solo material with isolation inspired single ‘Hi Gene!’

Jun 30, 05:50 AM
If you’re still not around the basic precautionary measures currently in place to tackle this “Rona” situation, sit down, pour yourself a bath-brewed bev and let Glenn Richards spell it out for you. The beloved Augie March frontman has captured the quirky idiosyncrasies of the lived, imagined and projected iso-experience in his first ever solo release, ‘Hi Gene!’ out today. Timely though it is, this instant classic harks back to spelling lessons from Van Morrison with a neurotic nod to Neu and a salty salute to Sparks. As catchy as the global P-word it so cleverly dances around, ‘Hi Gene!’ is the hilarious, danceable mantra to this weird moment in time and one to look back on as the soundtrack of the “lost year/s”