#109 | Barrie Dowdall | Director/Producer

Jun 30, 10:21 AM
We're joined today by award-winning filmmaker Barrie Dowdall on FNI Wrapchat, back in the studio for the first time in 12 weeks.
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Hot on the heals on the Packed out Screening at VDiff of his Latest docu-drama, Violet Gibson. Violet Gibson tells the story of the Irish Woman who tried to assassinate Benito Mussolini in 1926, on the cusp of the rise of fascism and the advent of WW2. Using a mixture of historical newsreel footage and shots filmed on-site in Rome, Barrie's documentary proves that if it wasn't true, you couldn't and wouldn't believe it. Incredible stuff.

Barrie specialises in producing, directing and shooting documentaries of historical, human and social interest for broadcasters worldwide. He has worked in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Jordan, Nepal, Zambia, Nigeria, Indonesia, Australia, Venezuela, the United States and throughout Europe, producing work for various broadcasters including RTE, BBC, TG4, PBS, ZDF, The HISTORY CHANNEL, ABC, CHANNEL 9 and FOXTEL.

He also works in the corporate sector and has produced and directed programmes for government departments, community and education projects, local authorities and NGO’s on subjects ranging from coastal erosion to civil engineering, from food aid distribution in Afghanistan to community initiatives with aids victims in sub- Saharan Africa, from responses to the disaffection and early school leaving of young Irish teenagers to family reunification issues affecting new immigrants in Ireland.
Based in Dublin, his companies NED KELLY PICTURES and TELWELL PRODUCTIONS provide a range of services including, project development, production, post-production, and consultancy on developing TV projects for the home and international market.

He lectures and writes about documentary production. A former National Representative of the European Documentary Network (EDN,) regular Jury Member of the IFTA Awards, member of the Irish Film Institute Council (IFI) and former Board Member of the Stranger Than Fiction Documentary Festival, Dublin.

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