China’s aggression alarms neighbors. Can it revive its economy to challenge the rest of the world? Gregory R Copley

Jul 01, 02:05 AM
Image:  Territorial claims in the South China Sea on (based on outdated / unofficial documents / maps)

Gregory R Copley, Defense and Foreign Affairs, and author, The New Total War of the Twenty-first Century, in re:  China’s amazingly ham-handed methods have created upset and panic among many of the PRC’s trading partners. China is pushing against India to show strength. Last year Modi put a million troops in Jammu and Kashmir, abrogating a treaty. Part of Kashmir is occupied by India, part by China, part by Pakistan, the last providing the land bridge from China to Pakistan, letting it ship goods to Indian Ocean ports. Beijing has created an anti-PRC coalition.  
       Xi has made a few significant gains in the Pacific: e.g., Kiribas changed ties from Taiwan to Beijing.  Trying to intimidate ASEAN countries; having a little success in Burma/Myanmar. However, China can't bld a sufficient strategic reach to challenge the US and the West, or to resuscitate its economy – if, of course, the West recovers.