“Xi must ensure that Trump is not re-elected.” Gregory R Copley

Jul 01, 02:06 AM
Image:  The Forbidden City as depicted in a Ming dynasty painting
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Gregory R Copley, Defense and Foreign Affairs, and author, The New Total War of the Twenty-first Century, in re: China’s aggression in South and East China Seas, in Hong Kong; in the US, an election year: does it suit the US to keep China at arm’s length? Yes.            

       Behooves the US to see the PRC suffer economic and strategic decline under virus and military circumstance.  Xi must ensure that Trump is not re-elected.  PRC has its factories working, but nowhere to sell; and massive flooding from Three Gorges Dam.  We may be seeing the structural failure of the dam. Were that to happen, would affect 300 million people.  

       Joe Biden observed that China would “never beat the US,” but he has a more accommodating position vis-à-vis China.  Biden would persist with the Clinton and Obama policies: ample room to get away with its economic and other policies; Belt and Road is about how do you exert control over areas of the world?    Britain goes with the Commonwealth and perhaps France in confronting the PRC, but the EU is increasingly dependent on China, is beholden to Beijing. Would leave Western Europe leaderless against Beijing.