Pro Footballer, Cricketers & Psychologist on FUT Mental Edge #W41

Jul 01, 06:33 PM
Professional Cricketers Steven Finn and Sam Billings, Professional Footballer Tom Pett, and esports coach to the stars Edgar Chekera join Ben in a FUT Weekly first.

In this main pod they cover:

Pett's 'Pro Player Card' & whether he deserves his workrates
  • Mental difference between competing in FIFA vs Pro Sport
  • Their FUT players of the year so far
  • Rethinking FUT achievements
  • Unexpected psychological benefit of FUT for footballers
  • Whether being a footballer gives you an advantage in FUT
  • SH Objective Bruno Fernandes thoughts
  • SH Objective Ibrahimovic Review
  • SH Objective Kessie at LB
  • SH Malanga Sarr
  • Prime Icon SBC should have been moments?
  • Summer Heat players we'd love to see
  • Much more!

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  • What they take from professional sports and apply to FIFA
  • How skill moves can be massively important for enjoyment/effectiveness
  • Getting back into a game in FIFA vs real sport
  • Learning from actual football: should you keep attacking or cynically close out a game?
  • Focusing on what you can control
  • Plenty of sports psychology insights! 
  • Much more!