StratCast XVI

Jul 03, 2020, 09:11 AM
Welcome to the sixteenth episode of StratCast, this week led by the youth wing of Strategy International in the form of Laurie Woodiwiss of The D Group, Matt Gillow and Matthew Gibbons of British Expertise International, and Katarina Kosmala-Dahlbeck and Evie Aspinall of The British Foreign Policy Group, the idea being that they might – in a small way - help our listeners, as leaders and captains of industry, to see issues from the perspective of their younger colleagues, in what is a very challenging environment. They follow the normal StratCast format of a quick chat amongst themselves about some of the more recent developments affecting young people, before moving on to an in-depth interview from Matt Gillow with the very well-informed James Price, ex Special Adviser to the House of Lords and until recently one of the only sub-30 year olds operating at the heart of government, first through the soap opera of Brexit’s legislative journey through Parliament and more recently the drafting of the measures to confront the Covid-19 pandemic. They then conclude with some reflections on the themes drawn out in that conversation and a look at the week ahead for The D Group, BEI and BFPG.

Produced and edited by Nick Hilton for Podot.