Using Bloom's Taxonomy to Revamp your Outschool Lessons

Jul 08, 2020, 06:00 PM
I love visuals, so to go along with this episode, here is an infographic I created about Bloom's Taxonomy with all of this awesome info!

This week's episode is all about using Bloom's Taxonomy to revamp your Outschool lessons or lessons in general, if you work for a company or school and are planning all of your lessons. This is so beneficial and it certainly helps to add and gain clarity for your lessons and what your specific outcomes and expectations are. With Outschool, you can use Bloom's Taxonomy power verbs in your: 
1. Summary 
2. Course Description
3. Learning Goals (though this section is entirely optional, you don't have to complete this section.)
The 6 main areas of Bloom's Taxonomy are:
1. Knowledge (power verbs: copy, define, identify, outline, locate, choose, distinguish, repeat, show, and record)
~Questions:~ Can you list (#) _____? / Which one ____? / How would you explain_____? Why did that happen? 
2. Understand (power verbs: explain, retell, discuss, interpret, conclude, summarize, classify, infer, and expand on)
~Questions:~ Can you summarize____? / What's the main idea? Can you state that in your own words?
3. Apply (power verbs: interview, present, illustrate, calculate, solve, experiment, and determine)
~Questions:~ How can you show your understanding? / How can you apply what you've learned. 
4. Analyze (power verbs: organize, sequence, determine, examine, debate, compare, contrast, and mind map)
~Questions:~ Why do you think___? / How are ___ and ____ related? /  How are you able to classify ____? 
5. Evaluate (power verbs: check, assess, conclude, reflect, hypothesize, role-play, revise, and critique)
~Questions:~ How would you change ____? / How can ___ be improved? / How can this be adapted to make it different? / If you could ___, what would you do? 
6. Create (power verbs: imagine, invent, design, construct, plan, and compose)
~Questions:~ What can you recommend? In what way can you determine ____? What is your opinion of ____?