Win Your Life Podcast -- Episode 4 -- Christian Burrus & Ashley Stiles on Customized Fitness & the Future of Coaching

Episode 4,  Jul 05, 2020, 07:53 PM

The goal of The Win Your Life Podcast is to illuminate the intersection between prevention and performance. The fitness industry is focused on performance and not always concerned with prevention. On the other hand, our health care system is focused, by necessity, on combatting the overwhelming amount of disease, illness and injury in our society. At the intersection of prevention and performance, there is a group of coaches, medical professionals, business leaders, athletes, and thought leaders that are working to help you Win Your Life.

In this series, we are addressing the idea of 'Universal Prescriptions', the notion that there is a best way for us all to exercise, eat, sleep, breath and live.

In this episode we are discussing whether or not fitness programming should be customized to the individual and why with Ashley Stiles, the Director of Operations for The Power House MN, and NHL Strength & Conditioning Coach, Christian Burrus. Christian, Ashley & Max all work together on the Adapt Fitness app that provides customized programming on a daily basis based on goals, training history, equipment, daily recovery and how much time you have to train. Check out the Adapt app, here.

1:11 Christian Burrus
1:11 Ashley Stiles
3:50 University of Minnesota CEHD Masters Program
6:09 Matt Shaw & Cal Dietz
10:56 Hang Cleans
11:03 Body Type & Training / Nutrition
16:50 Group Training & Motivation 
18:35 Universal Prescriptions for Movement: American Heart Association
19:00 Physiological Changes from Exercise
19:43 Daily Changes in Physiology and the Impact on Exercise
21:00 Goal Setting and Exercise
21:40 Functional Movement Screen
21:45 Squat
21:45 Lunge Pattern
21:45 Upper Body Push & Upper Body Pull
21:45 Core Engagement
22:20 Motor Control & Stability , Midline Stabilization Part II by Kelly Starret
22:20 This whole series by KStarr on soft tissue and diagnosing dysfunction is great
22:57 Biomechanical Analysis of the Deadlift from the Journal of Strength & Conditioning
23:04 Loaded and unloaded squat variations in comparison
23:10 Upper Body Push - Pull Ratios in Active Adults
23:29 soft tissue
23:30 flexibility
24:15 Scope of a Coach / Trainer
28:59 Pavel Datsyuk 
31:30 AK Ikwuakor
32:28 Bobby Brink 
32:56 Seated wall slides
34:28 External rotation of the shoulder in baseball pitchers
35:58 Adapt Individual User Sign Up
36:11 Adapt Group Sign Up
38:13 Pain, Dysfunction and Load in Functional Movement Patterns
3824 External rotation of the hip, tight glut med
38:52 Comparison of Blood Flow Changes with Soft Tissue Mobilization in the National Library of Medicine
39:43 Post Exercise Muscle Soreness
40:17 NIH Low Back Pain fact-sheet, Dr. David Johnson on his Functional Approach to Curing Back Pain
40:35 Deskbound by Kelly Starret is the best resource on tightness and issues arising from sitting culture
43:20 Subluxation & Performance, a review of the literature
44 Asymmetry During Functional Movement Screening and Injury Risk in Junior Football Players: A Replication Study
44:22 'The Bag Skate in Hockey' by Pure Hockey
45:46 Sleep & Performance by SI, Sleep Position for Health by WebMD
45:55 Understanding Midline Stability & Neutral Spine with Todd Widman
46:09 Social aspect of Exercise
50 Cueing the Hip Hinge by the Prehab Guys
51:54 The best resource on compound movement is The CrossFit Training Guide
58:20 Spinal Principles with Dr. Kelly Starret
59 hip function in hinging and athletic movement from Princeton U
60 neurological role in movement patterns by Encyclopedia Brittanica
61:53 in-season strength and conditioning for nhl hockey players from Research Gate
64:36 specificity in youth sports, Overuse Injuries in Youth Athletes
65 in-season strength and conditioning for youth athletes
1:10 early peaking in youth athletes
1:12 Multi-Sport Athletes Beneficial or Deleterious by Therapeutic Associates
1:18 CrossFit Sport
1:18 Individualizing a program for high level athletes by Frontiers in Physiology
1:19 sprinting mechanics
1:19 Physiology of Hockey by PubMed
1:21 athleticism and skill development
1:22 type 2x athletes, Range of Motion, Mass and Hockey
1:23 change of direction and intelligence in sport
1:23 VO2
1:27 annual planning for sport by Elite FTS