Podcast: Brian O'Hara on "It’s not the score, it’s the trip" and other industry topics…

Episode 14,   Jul 06, 2020, 10:34 AM

In this week's exclusive episode on The Best Policy, we are joined by industry veteran and Chairman of Front Street Advisors, Brian O'Hara - the former Chairman and CEO of XL Capital Ltd., now XL Group.

Having joined XL Insurance as its founding president and chief operating officer in 1986, Brian has built a distinguished career in the insurance market.

During our interview, we focus on his recently published book - "It's Not the Score, It's the Trip: One Man's Journey to Building a Global Franchise" - in which Brian shares his journey during some of the most remarkable years in the financial services world.

Brian talks about his affinity with Bermuda as a young man and what ultimately led to the birth of XL and arguably to the modern Bermuda insurance market. He speaks about his most challenging time in running a public company and the lessons he took from it.

We also discuss the current market conditions for start-ups in Bermuda compared to previous hard market scenarios and whether the “Bermuda mouse-trap” is still as attractive for start-ups as it once was.

Looking at the huge surge in business flow for property and casualty insurance in Bermuda as a result of retrenchment in the domestic US market, we explore whether Bermuda has the resources to capitalise on this opportunity considering the Covid-19 restrictions.

Brian also gives his opinion about his former company now being a subsidiary of Europe's largest insurer, Axa, as well as the reasons for joining Envelop Risk's board of directors and what attracted him to the business. 

Finally, Brian tells us about his proudest industry moment and the people who inspired him the most throughout his career.

Listen to our exclusive interview with Brian O'Hara, the industry leader who played a pivotal role in shaping its future.