Chapter 4: The Hotel Colon

Episode 5,   Jul 20, 2020, 01:01 AM

Brain and co find themselves in an old hotel, where he meets a lady with a difficult name and a helpful plan...

Welcome to an exotic evening at a beautiful old Colon.  Where suspicious things are afoot.


Brian Hovis, like all who appear with him, is a fictional character.  I know!  Amazing that this isn’t a documentary right?  Here are the credits behind the curtain of magic and lies that is entertainment.
Written by Hywel Evans and Russell Gomer
Edited by Hywel, zen-guided by Russell.
Songs by Hywel with lyrics from Hywel and Russell.
Performed, every part, every-single-voice-you-hear by Mr Ian Conningham.

The whole of this podcast was recorded in a single day and all who contributed worked for free.  It is as perfect as we can make it within the challenge of 'artistic constraints'. 
Scott Lee Cupp wrote the wonderful main theme and is called ‘Africa’ which we purchased for use in our free podcasts, from the great website
Hywel Evans dawbed out the other music you hear.  Far inferior to Scott’s work.
Sound Effects:
We made some sound effects ourself, used some in the Logic Pro and Garage Band / iLife library, and got many from the wonderful a great website for podcast makers providing free content in exchange for credits.
All sounds were amended in some way during mixing, and the licence applicable to most but not all is here
All sounds have been edited into a large story using the edit techniques needed to tell that story.  As such some sounds have been changed, and the owners of these sounds are not necessarily endorsing the use by Brian Hovis’ creators.  
These things have to be said.  Essentially, people who made free sounds on have done so with love, care and attention, and we have taken those like monkeys plucking coconuts and tried amidst our banging and crashing around to and apply the same rules of love care and attention to create a free story for everyone.  
Here come the credits they deserve, you will see a description of the sound, their username, and a link to the sound on  Hopefully this will mean you can use them and they are receiving the credit they deserve!
Hotel lobby noises nikitralala
smashing glass from InspectorJ
Lobby noises stopping (people stopping) (As above with effect)
And gasps unchaz
Brians footseps towards the bar an edited  SpliceSound
Fridge door swings shut producerdan
Chink of glasses 13F_Panska_Tlolkova_Matilda
The sound of tap dancing begins, starting slowly, then increasing to a complex FUNAI
fluster of steps ending with a firm thud. (us)
Opening window
Bar sounds, jazz plays, low hum
Bar (Audience chatter) from edhutschek
Outdoor, night, owl hoots. J.Zazvurek
oly by 13FPanska_Machacova_Petra
Applause in bar sagetyrtle
Daybreak, desert calls, marketplace a loud camel snort.
Includes Market by felix.blume
camel noise by acclivity
Trotting begins unevenly. Oscar de Ávila
A noise including smashing glass and markets. (as Eustace leaps into the distance) thudding from OtisJames
smashing glass from InspectorJ