Google’s Lino Cattaruzzi on how ‘online became a lifeline’

Jul 08, 01:55 AM
For Google, it’s what you search for, what you watch on YouTube, the directions you prompt in Google Maps, that make it one of the biggest advertising juggernauts on Earth. Selling advertising spots across these channels made up 82% of Google parent company Alphabet’s first quarter revenue this year, $33.8 billion. 

While advertisers are expected to have spent less in Q2 amid the Covid-19 pandemic, analysts say the world jumped five years ahead in tech adoption in just 8 weeks as we moved to remote working and learning. That’s good news for Google. In the words of Lino Cattaruzzi, Google’s regional director in the Middle East and Africa, “online became a lifeline”.

On this week's edition of Business Extra, Kelsey Warner and Mustafa Alrawi talk to Lino about everything Google.

In this episode:
Intro (0m 06s)
Google's role in a recovery (1m 08s)
The relationship between business and user data insights (9m 21s)
What is it like working remotely at Google? (17m 43s)