Elly Flippen and Uncle Ingo Swann, July 12, 2020 - Consciousness, the gift that keeps on giving, from the Godfather of Remote Viewing

Jul 09, 2020, 11:50 PM

News: Nick Cook is speaking about Ingo's Great Lost Work: Resurrecting the Mysterious at IRVA's 20th anniversary conference @IRVAtweets @iamnickcook

Ingo's niece, Elly, has her work cut out for her in collecting, organizing, cataloging, packaging and distributing Ingo's work. And how fortunate we are that Ingo left such a huge cache of works in his archives to pull from. What a fantastic legacy!

One of the most recent releases is The Windy Song, an unpublished novel on reincarnation. A beautiful story that doesn't release the hook until the very end. (No fair peeking.) But the newest book - manuscripts in progress, discovered in file folders - is due out after the presentation at the annual IRVA conference - July 18 & 19. Online.

"I don't see the logic of rejecting data just because they seem incredible." Astronomer Sir Fred Hoyle (1915-2001)

New: Resurrecting the Mysterious: Ingo Swann's Great Lost Work
- Consciousness, our failure to understand it, Ingo says, subtends his life's story. 

Ingo's lifelong research as a “guinea pig” or what he called, an experimental subject in a parapsychology lab, saw him involved in a number of research projects. He wanted to show that these abilities can be validated through established and peer reviewed scientific methods. 

"But the Sayer of Tales said: ‘I can’t stay. There are places to go and things to see.
But your own minds’ eyes can see their own tales if you let them – and can see more than tales if you let them also.'"
- Purple Fables 

Ingo was the author of over a dozen books. His publisher, Swann-Ryder Productions, has reissued most of his titles as ebooks, audio books and paperback books.

Source: IngoSwann.com