Why Parliament should convene & debate in times of COVID-19?

Jul 10, 05:15 AM
This year, the Parliament is likely to meet in September due to COVID and not in July as they always do. The constitutional requirement makes it obligatory for legislatures to meet at least every six months. Most State Assemblies also last met in March and will hit the 6-month mark in September. So, where has the Indian Parliament been in this crisis? How are other democracies around the world ensuring that there is continuity of legislative business during COVID? What does the continued absence of Parliament mean for democracy? We talk about this and more in this episode.

In this episode, Rakesh Kamal, Producer at Suno India and host for this episode of the Suno India Show talks to Chakshu Roy, who heads the outreach team and leads the legislator and citizen engagement initiatives at PRS legislative research. He has been involved in setting up the state laws project, training civil society and journalist groups about tracking Parliament.