Chatting with Gutsy Flora about the intelligence of your gut & fermenting foods.

Jul 10, 2020, 06:14 AM

In this episode we talk about feeding the microbiome, Kefir water, sauerkraut and fermenting foods. Flora is a dear friend of mine and has been fermenting for years... her kitchen is always popping and fizzing with starters and ferments! We also touch on sustainability and how fermenting foods can help the environment. Find Sophie and her membership channel: Music: GUTSY FLORA Chef + Fermenter @Gutsy_Flora > GUTSY : THE GUT HEALTH GUIDE Online Guide + Public Events WWW.GUTSY-UK.COM ©Gutsy_UK > GUTSY ACADEMY Gut Health Foundation Course “Get Gutsy” with dietitian Laura Tilt @nutitilty WWW.GET-GUTSY.COM ©Gutsy_Courses >