Labor of Love Episode 7 Recap with Marcus Lehman

Jul 10, 2020, 07:00 PM
Marcus Lehman from Fox's Labor of Love comes back to the podcast with Jonny Fairplay, Matt Bischoff, and Zack Hacker to recap and discuss everything that's happening on the penultimate episode of the newest dating competition in reality TV. Next week's the finale, so you won't want to miss Marcus' insights into Kristy, dating shows, and the other guys.

Matt, Marcus, and Zack are all watching together from Matt's backyard and they bring Jonny in to discuss the city visits, Marcus' house moms, and everything else that goes down on episode 7 of Labor of Love.

Fox's Labor of Love concludes next week, so get caught up here and listen to all of our interviews with the guys who've made the show great. Be sure to tune in here next week after the finale of Labor of Love and see who our special guest is!