Conversations With Dez - Erion Rohlfs, Solutions Architect - Retail, Restaurant & Hospitality, AT&T

Jul 11, 2020, 07:49 AM
I recently caught up with Erion Rohlfs, a Industry Solutions Architect for Retail, Restaurant & Hospitality for AT&T Business at the 2020 National Retail Federation (NRF ) "BIG Show" on Manhattan island in New York City, New York, in the USA, to get the latest news and updates, trends and insights around Retail, Resturant and Hospitality markets and industry segments, and what AT&T Business has on show at NRF 2020 in NYC.
In this conversation Erion and I discuss:
+ Product Availability and the impact of technologies such as IoT, Mixed Reality, i.e. AR/VR & Digital Experience
+ Shopper Convenience and the the role things like Efficiency, Convenience, Lifestyle & Service play
+ Immersive Marketing including Digital Signage & Proximity Marketing and how these are changing the face of Retail
+ Customer Insights and where new and emerging technologies such as 5G, Analytics, Customer Sentiment, and Data Driven Decisions are having
Erion shared her views and experience around the increasing challenge for the Retail industry to leverage AI, ML & Sentiment Analysis for Data Driven Decisions? In particular Actionable Data, for example, Product Availability & Flexible Fulfilment play in Shopper Convenience.
A fun coinage we cover included that of “Retail-tailment” ( retail entertainment !! ) and what it is, where it is being leveraged and who is taking advantage of what it can offer customers.
Erion also shares key thoughts around the challenge of levering the benefits of new and emerging disruptive technologies AT&T Business are rolling out, such as 5G, IoT and Realtime Sensors to the Retail industry, and how Data underpins all of this, should the Retail industry best mitigate today’s challenging cybersecurity risks.
Tune in now for this amazing conversation and insights.
Tune in now for all of these amazing topics and more.
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