Bonus - How to get what you want?

Jul 12, 12:43 PM
Who am I and how do I get what I want?

Getting through a divorce and healing?

Job Hunting during Covid-19 and a personal set of criteria for job qualification. 

Do you know what is important in your life? Only then can you figure out how to get it. 

Among the important things in life - rate and rank items by priority to then find out what are non-negotiable and what are things that are nice to have. 

T-Shaped Knowledge where you learn as much as you need to about adjacent areas and dive deep into one area. As someone grows professionally, the T eventually becomes a W based on the kind of career decisions that are taken. 

Re-invent yourself and get used to the process.  

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Words to live by - (edit for yourself :) ) 

I will build useful thoughtful and meaningful products;

I will strive to be recognised as a good engineer with great attention to detail;

I will give and get more love and care in my life.

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