The CIA analyst Sarah Carlson recognized that Benghazi was an Al Qaeda operation. @ThomasJoscelyn @BillRoggio @FDD

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Image:  Title: Great men and famous women : a series of pen and pencil sketches of the lives of more than 200 of the most prominent personages in history Volume 1
Year: 1894 (1890s)
AuthorsHorne, Charles F. (Charles Francis), 1870-1942
PublisherNew York : Selmar Hess
Contributing LibraryKelly - University of Toronto

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n it down theriver, while the other followed along the banks, fighting its way through succes-sive Indian armies. At length, having reached the ocean, he ordered Nearchus,the commander of the fleet, to sail thence to the Persian Gulf, while he himselfstruck inland with one division of his army, in order to return home throughGedrosia (Beluchistan). During this march his forces suffered fearfully fromwant of food and water. Of all the troops which had set out with Alexander,little more than a fourth part arrived with him in Persia (325 b. c). At Susa he married Stateira, the daughter of Darius, and he bestowed pres-ents on those Macedonians (some ten thousand in number) who had marriedPersian women, his design being to unite the two nations. He also distributedliberal rewards among his soldiers. Soon afterward he was deprived, by death,of his favorite Hephestion. His grief was unbounded, and he interred the deadman with kingly honors. As he was returning from Ecbatana to Babylon, it is
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ALEXANDER THE GREAT 13 said that the Magi foretold that the latter city would prove fatal to him ; but hedespised their warnings. On the way, he was met by ambassadors from all partsof the world—Libya, Italy, Carthage, Greece, the Scythians, Celts, and Iberians.At Babylon he was busy with gigantic plans for the future, both of conquestand civilization, when he was suddenly taken ill after a banquet, and died elevendays later, 323 B.C., in the thirty-second year of his age, and the thirteenth ofhis reign. His body was deposited in a golden coffin at Alexandria, by Ptole-meeus, and divine honors were paid to him, not only in Egypt, but in other coun-tries. He had appointed no heir to his immense dominions; but to the questionof his friends, Who should inherit them ? he replied, The most worthy.After many disturbances, his generals recognized as Kings the weak-minded Aridajus a son of Philip by Philinna. the dancer—and Alexanders posthumous son by Roxana, Alexander JEgus, while they
Former CIA Officer Sarah Carlson discusses her career as a counterterrorism analyst, the jihadist scene in Libya and the U.S. evacuation from Tripoli in 2014.